What are the most likely causes of otitis media?

3. When swimming, water enters the middle ear through the nasopharynx and causes otitis media.Otitis media is induced by infection of tympanic membrane perforation caused by trauma.

      Suppurative otitis media, suppurative otitis media, acute suppurative otitis media, generally take antibiotics throughout the body, and then put ofloxacin ear drops in the ears. If the pus is discharged, use hydrogen peroxide to clean the pus and then add oxygen fluoride. Floxacin ear drops, the treatment can be completely restored to normal. If it is chronic suppurative otitis media, we may usually need surgery. The surgery includes simple tympanic membrane repair, and the other is to make bones on the basis of tympanoplasty. For the removal of middle ear disease, the treatment of middle ear cholesteatoma requires this open type, complete mastoidectomy, plus tympanoplasty, and artificial ossicular and hearing reconstruction surgery.

Thirdly, people with otitis media will feel their ears stuffy at first, but gradually they will feel their hearing loss continuously, and tinnitus will also occur.

Reminder:It can be seen from the above introduction that there are many reasons for otitis media in life. It is recommended that you avoid the above points in your life and take measures to prevent otitis media to avoid the occurrence of otitis media, so as not to affect your hearing.

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