Do children under 3 years old need to dig their ears?

    A three-year-old child’s ears are not fully developed, and it is easy to cause damage to the child if ears are pulled out, and most of the ear picks are made of iron, which can easily hurt the child.If babies don’t have too much earwax, you don’t need to dig out their ears. Earwax is very useful for children.When children were young, they heard some loud sounds, and they needed their mothers to cover their ears to prevent the sound from damaging the baby’s ears.Earwax can play an indirect protective role. It can also prevent some bugs, bacteria, etc., and protect the ears.

    It is very troublesome to dig out the ears of a three-year-old child. There are many things we should pay attention to.Don’t use iron sticks, nails and other items. The baby’s ears are very fragile, and these things will hurt the baby.In normal times, we can wet a clean towel and wring it dry, then roll the corner of the towel around our fingers to wipe the baby’s ears.You can also choose a cotton swab for babies.If you don’t have too much earwax in normal times, don’t remove your ears to avoid harm to your child’s ears.

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