Why is it that the child’s ear hurts when it is crying inside?

       Some doctors are accustomed to using large doses of antibiotics for short periods of time, while others are accustomed to using low doses for long periods of time. Therefore, mothers should remember to check with the doctor about the duration of the medication.The vast majority of children will not have ear infections after the age of six.

       Normally, you should let your baby drink plenty of water, avoid scratching, do not wash with hot water, soap, alcohol, etc., let your baby eat snacks and other easily irritating foods, and do not eat spicy foods such as raw or cold.

       Tips: Children’s ear pain often manifests as scratching their ears, shaking their heads, irritability, crying, loss of appetite, fever, etc.In some serious cases, there is yellow secretion from the ears and poor hearing. Parents should take their children to the hospital for ear examinations in time.

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