Do children like to play games for a long time?Beware of “sudden deafness”!

Children are addicted to electronic devices, which affects their studies, because the risk of noise-induced hearing damage is increasing due to improper use of the ear.

The biggest harm of deafness to adolescents is the impact on language development, followed by the retardation of intellectual development, which makes it difficult to integrate into the mainstream society when they grow up.

However, long-term exposure to noise may lead to damage and degeneration of hair cells, reduced blood supply to the inner ear, and irreversible hearing loss.

It is unrealistic for children to completely eliminate the use of electronic devices. Xiaoou hereby appeals that parents should guide their children to enjoy the convenience and entertainment brought by electronic devices, and cultivate self-control and good ear habits, and don’t ignore the health of their ears. .

Link:      Do children like to play games for a long time?Beware of "sudden deafness"!

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