Rehabilitation training can improve the hearing ability of hearing impaired children

The report shows that rehabilitation training in a noisy environment can increase the hearing ability of hearing-impaired children by nearly 50%.


The effect of rehabilitation training is maintained

According to the University of Washington newspaper, this study confirmed for the first time the therapeutic effect of noise rehabilitation training on hearing-impaired children.Moreover, in the re-examination three months after the completion of the rehabilitation training, the rehabilitation effect of most hearing impaired children is still obvious.

Jessica Sullivan is the research leader and assistant professor of speech and audiology at the University of Washington.He said: “The results are better than expected. For this reason, I deliberately counted the research data four to five times to determine whether the results are accurate, and the facts proved that the answer is yes.” Sullivan also pointed out the significance of the research results. “It is a very important discovery that the rehabilitation effect can be maintained, which shows that the use of noise may also become a new way to treat hearing loss.”

Learn to filter background noise

Patients with hearing loss have a slower acceptance of sound, and their understanding of sound information is relatively low.

Therefore, the main purpose of rehabilitation training in the study is to train the children’s brains to filter background noise and at the same time improve their hearing ability.

In the rehabilitation training, the researcher will let the hearing impaired children listen to a series of sentences.As the training progresses, researchers will gradually increase the volume of background noise, the amount of vocabulary contained in the sentence, and the length of time between listening to the sentence and understanding the content.

More research is needed

In order for rehabilitation training to help more people, such as adults and users who use cochlear implants, more research in related fields is needed in the future.

In addition, more types of background noise will be used in rehabilitation training in order to observe the impact of different noise environments on the results of rehabilitation training.

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