How to relieve tinnitus?

tinnitusHow to relieve?

      Caffeine and alcohol often aggravate tinnitus symptoms; smoking can reduce blood oxygen, and inner ear hair cells are extremely sensitive to oxygen, so hypoxia can cause damage to hair cells.Pay attention to eating less fatty and sweet food at ordinary times to prevent accumulation of phlegm and aggravate the condition.People with kidney deficiency and tinnitus should especially reduce the intake of warm and dry foods.

      A large intake of fatty foods will increase blood lipids, increase blood viscosity, and cause arteriosclerosis.The inner ear is most sensitive to blood supply disturbances. When blood circulation disturbances occur, it will lead to a lack of nutrition in the auditory nerve and cause deafness.The total daily fat intake of middle-aged people should be controlled at about 40 grams, and they should eat less fat-rich foods such as offal, fat, butter, egg yolks, caviar, and fried foods.

3. Reduce mood swings

      There are many factors that cause tinnitus and deafness in middle-aged and elderly people, and zinc deficiency is an important reason.The content of zinc in the cochlea is much higher than other organs.The content of zinc in the cochlea of ​​the elderly over 60 years old is significantly reduced, which in turn affects the function of the cochlea and causes hearing loss.Foods containing zinc include oysters, herring, shrimp skins, seaweed, fish meal, sesame seeds, peanuts, pork liver, beans and so on.

      Milk contains almost all the known vitamins, especially vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin E and carotene, which are helpful for preventing tinnitus.

      Have an optimistic and open-minded attitude towards life.Once you have tinnitus, don’t be overly nervous, and you should receive a doctor’s diagnosis and treatment in time.In the process of diagnosis and treatment, follow the doctor’s guidance and actively cooperate with the treatment.And you can actively take advantage of other advantages (such as hobbies and love of your own job, etc.) to distract yourself from tinnitus, adjust your rhythm of life, and cultivate more points of interest.

      Because the cause of tinnitus is relatively slow and the course of the disease does not occur in a short period of time, treatment generally takes a long time, such as tinnitus masking therapy, relaxation therapy, etc., at least a one-month course of treatment can be evaluated before the treatment effect can be evaluated.Therefore, patients must have perseverance in the process of cooperating with the treatment and do not give up easily.

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