Will hearing problems affect the brain’s response?

      Hearing loss can lead to changes in the structure and function of the brain.If brain signals are degraded, auditory cortex is degenerated, neurons and neuron branches are lost, and overall brain volume is reduced, these structural and functional changes may affect the brain’s ability to process and perceive sounds, and may lead to cognitive decline The perceptual abilities of listening, speaking, and reading are all commanded by the brain. When the brain gradually declines, it will inevitably affect the cognitive ability of hearing-impaired people. The cognitive ability of hearing, speaking, and reading depends on the cognitive function of the brain. The sensory input of the nervous system and hearing damage will seriously affect the speech recognition ability of the brain.

      American audiologist Bayer said in a report: “This condition is called hearing deprivation. Studies have shown that the longer a patient lacks treatment, the more likely his brain will forget how to process speech signals, even if he receives treatment in the future. This situation will continue.” Bayer added, “These findings clearly show that, like many people now, hearing loss treatment is delayed for many years, putting patients at risk of permanent brain damage.”

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