Seven points of attention to prevent or slow down presbycusis

When a person reaches old age, various organs will age, as do the ears, and progressive hearing loss will gradually occur.These include deafness caused by inner ear ischemia and metabolic disorders caused by arteriosclerosis.Although presbycusis is a common manifestation in the aging process of the human body, there are many people who are still “seeing and hearing” among the elderly. This requires some knowledge of ear protection and health care.To prevent or slow down presbycusis in daily life, we should pay attention to the following points:

Avoid noise stimulation

Long-term exposure to noise will make the elderly people’s hearing loss more prone to fatigue. The tiny blood vessels of the inner ear are often in a state of spasm, making the inner ear insufficient blood supply, hearing will quickly decline, and even noise-induced deafness.Studies have shown that one group of people living in a noisy environment has a hearing loss of 60 decibels, while another group of people living in a strong noise environment has a hearing loss of 80 decibels.Therefore, the elderly should minimize the interference of noise on hearing.When the inner ear is impacted by huge sound waves, such as blasting through mountains, jet planes, firecrackers, thunder, etc., it can damage the tympanic membrane and cause deafness in both ears.Wear earplugs when encountering the above situations to deal with strong sound stimulation.

Beware of ear canal damage and infection
The elderly like to dig their ears with ear picks, matchsticks, etc.This is because the physiological blood circulation of the elderly is weakened, the secretions in the ear canal are reduced, and the ear canal feels dry and cracked, and sometimes feel itchy, unbearable, and can be temporarily relieved by the stimulation of ear removal.But doing so can easily damage the ear canal and cause infection, inflammation, and even damage the eardrum.The correct method is to use a cotton swab to soak a little alcohol or glycerin and wipe the ear canal lightly when it is unbearable.Vitamin E, vitamin C and cod liver oil can also be taken orally to relieve the itching of the inner ear.

In addition, you should also prevent water from entering your ears at ordinary times.Elderly people feel not sensitive enough, they may bring sewage into their ears when washing their face, and they do not feel uncomfortable, which may easily cause infection and inflammation of the external ear canal, spread to the tympanic membrane, and affect hearing.

Use ototoxic drugs with caution

When people reach old age, there are many diseases, and the elderly often use antibiotics, but it should be noted that using streptomycin, gentamicin, kanamycin and other ototoxic antibiotics, do not overdose or use them for too long. It can be used alternately with other drugs, and can also be treated with traditional Chinese medicine.Appropriate application of vitamin B complex and anti-allergic drugs may prevent hearing loss.

Resolutely quit smoking

Studies have confirmed that compared with non-smokers, people who smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day have a tendency to increase presbycusis.65% of people with presbycusis have a history of regular smoking, while only 30% of the control group.

Pay attention to regulating emotions

If the elderly are often in a state of irritability and irritation, the autonomic nerves in the body will lose their normal regulatory functions, causing ischemia, edema and auditory neurotrophic disorders in the inner ear organs, which may lead to severe hearing loss or sudden deafness.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that emotional disorders, loss of liver qi from venting, depression and turning into fire, or anger and injury to the liver, and liver and gallbladder fire going upside down will clear the orifice and cause deafness.Liver… Its qi inverse causes headache and deafness.Therefore, the elderly should try their best to maintain a relaxed and happy mood.

Focus on strengthening and protecting kidney qi

Chinese medicine believes that the kidney opens up to the ears, and the decline of hearing is closely related to kidney deficiency.The ears belong to the Foot Shaoyin Kidney Meridian… Deficiency of kidney qi causes deafness, and insufficient kidney qi causes tinnitus.Elderly people with declining kidney qi should take some kidney-tonifying drugs under the guidance of a doctor, such as Liuwei Dihuang Pills, Jinkui Shenqi Pills, Guiling Pills, etc.For those who already have obvious symptoms of deafness, you can take Erfeizuojiwan.Eating walnut porridge, sesame porridge, peanut porridge, pig kidney porridge, etc. is also beneficial to hearing protection.

Reduce high-fat diet

According to research by medical scientists, 70% of patients with presbycusis also have arteriosclerosis, and the severity of the two is also consistent, which has a certain relationship with hyperlipidemia.Lipid metabolism disorders reduce the blood supply of the inner ear and increase lipid peroxides in serum and inner ear tissues, which directly cause inner ear damage and hearing loss.Therefore, the elderly should not consume excessive high-fat foods, such as offal, fatty meat, butter, fish eggs, etc.

Increase outdoor activities

As people get older, their inertia increases. They often stay indoors for a long time and rarely do outdoor activities. This leads to insufficient vitamin D content in the body and impairs hearing.The lack of vitamins affects the metabolism of calcium, thereby causing limited decalcification of the cochlea, causing secondary morphological changes of the cochlea, interfering with the normal physiological functions of the inner ear, destroying the auditory epithelial cells of the inner ear or supporting bone structure, resulting in hearing loss .Therefore, the elderly should have enough outdoor activities, often receive sunlight, and eat foods rich in iron, calcium, and vitamins, such as lean meat, beans, fungus, shrimp skin, mushrooms, and various green leafy vegetables and fruits .

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