Is neurotic tinnitus inherited?

1. Affect mood: long-term severe tinnitus can cause emotional changes such as upset, worry, worry, anxiety, depression, etc.Some people would rather not hear it than tinnitus, which is unbearable.Even more people think of suicide because they are told that they are “difficult to treat” and “there is no good way” when they seek medical treatment everywhere.

2. Affect hearing: very loud tinnitus can interfere with what you are listening to, and you often hear sounds but can’t tell what others are saying.Tinnitus often causes patients to have a bad rest, resulting in extremely annoying feelings, leading to dizziness, inability to concentrate, and decreased hearing sensitivity.It is recommended that patients with tinnitus can try “Ancient Fang Tea Qing Er Lian”, “Ancient Fang Tea Qing Er Lian” is made of various natural herbs as the main raw materials, and has a good therapeutic effect on tinnitus.

3. Affect sleep: tinnitus is especially loud in the dead of night, making it difficult to fall asleep.Even when I fall asleep, it is very shallow.Some people say that you can be awakened by tinnitus when you are not deep in sleep (tinnitus can awaken people just like external sounds).After waking up in the middle of the night, my tinnitus is still ringing, which makes people irritable and sleepless.

4. Affecting work: Because I can’t hear other people’s speeches, especially leaders and teachers, and I endure the tremendous pain caused by tinnitus, but often cannot be understood by others, my work efficiency decreases and I gradually lose interest in work and study.

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