What is the effect of middle ear hydrops on hearing?

      Water in the middle ear can cause hearing loss.Because there is a mucous membrane in the middle ear cavity, the mucous membrane has a secretory function. The secreted fluid is usually discharged through the Eustachian tube, but if the Eustachian tube is blocked, the fluid will form water in the middle ear cavity, which will affect the hearing on the eardrum. Two windows, we can hear the sound clearly only when the two windows form a phase difference, and the effusion will flood one of the windows, causing the phase difference to disappear, so you will be deaf.

      After these bacteria enter the middle ear cavity, they cause inflammation of the middle ear mucosa, and first produce suppuration to cause ear effusion.

3. Tinnitus: mostly low-key intermittent, such as “cracking” sound, buzzing sound and running water sound.When the head moves or yawns, blows the nose, the sound of air and water may appear in the ears.

      Fluid in the middle ear will have a certain effect on hearing, so it is recommended to see a doctor for treatment in time.

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