Will too much cerumen affect my hearing?

(4) The best way to clean the ear canal is to use a clean cotton swab of appropriate thickness to gently stretch it into the ear canal and roll it a few times to remove the cerumen.Because the tympanic membrane is located 62.5px~87.5px from the mouth of the ear canal, the bony ear canal skin is thin and easy to be injured, so it is not advisable to extend the cotton swab too deep, otherwise it will easily damage the tympanic membrane and the delicate skin of the bony ear canal, causing acute otitis externa. And tympanic membrane trauma.

      In fact, scientific ear picking requires a lot of skills. Don’t pick your ears too often, just once a month, no more than once every two weeks.It is best to use cotton swabs instead of metal or plastic ear picks. The texture is hard, the skin of the external ear canal is relatively delicate, and there is less subcutaneous tissue. It is easy to be scratched and cause ulceration and infection.

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