Will moderate deafness in children affect intelligence?

      The test and evaluation results show that these deaf children have significantly lower IQ than those with normal hearing, and their psychological and behavioral development is relatively lagging behind.This shows that children with deafness at an early age of congenital or acquired are not much different from normal children in terms of physical and physiological development, large and fine motor development.However, the loss of speech ability caused by hearing impairment has severely hindered their development in intelligence, cognition, interpersonal communication, socialization and social adaptation, and even personality and emotions.

      Modern psychological research has shown that human speech ability is gradually acquired based on innate qualities and through constant imitating, learning and strengthening acquired.The critical period for humans to learn speech is generally from 1 to 12 years old, of which 1 to 4 years old are the most critical.If a person is in the critical period of speech acquisition and formation, the stimulation of speech information is reduced due to hearing loss, or even no speech stimulation at all, the speech function of the brain will be difficult to form, establish and develop, and speech ability will be lost.The so-called “ten deaf and nine dumb” is for this reason.


      Determine the type of deafness according to the child’s illness. If the diagnosis is sensorineural deafness, hearing aids and ear molds should be selected for the child immediately, and hearing and speech training should be carried out as soon as possible.It should be emphasized that you cannot just buy a hearing aid in a store and use it. Instead, it should be fitted in a hospital or a specialized audiology institution. The reason is similar to the optometry of glasses.

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