Newborn babies cry and laugh while dreaming. Does it have hearing problems?

      Newborn babies cry and laugh while dreaming. It has nothing to do with hearing, it is an instinctive reaction.

      Let’s take a look at the meaning of “smile”, that is, a way of expressing joy, joy, and happiness between people, and it is a means of communication between people.

      Obviously, newborn babies do not yet have the ability to communicate with others. The laughter they show is an instinctive reaction. If they eat satisfying and comfortable food, they will raise their mouths and smile; but if they are hungry, they will urinate. If you feel sick or feel uncomfortable, you will grin and cry.

      Therefore, for newborns, crying or laughing during sleep is an instinctive reaction.It wasn’t until the babies gradually got to know their mother, formed a visual memory, and equated their mother with “food sources”, that his laugh and cry had real meaning.

      Maybe some mothers will say: “A baby at this point will have a dream?”

      In fact, both adults and babies can dream, and even babies start to dream when they are still a fetus.

      Studies have shown that the nervous system of the fetus has gradually developed and perfected at around 8 months, and it has already begun to dream in the mother’s body.It’s just that the fetus at this stage spends most of the time in the mother’s body in sleep, so pregnant women may only feel the baby kicking their belly.

      Generally speaking, the baby’s dreams happen in the stage of light sleep, and the daytime experience will be repeated in the baby’s mind. That is to say, the dreams during sleep are likely to be related to the daytime life, such as having fun during the day and being accompanied by parents. Well, he may laugh in his dreams; if there are things that make him unhappy during the day, or if he sees things he is afraid of, he is likely to cry in his dreams.

      In short, it is a normal phenomenon for a baby to cry or laugh while sleeping, which is helpful to the baby’s physiology and psychology, so mothers don’t need to worry.

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