Can the elderly who have been deaf for many years still be treated?

      Senile deafness should be treated actively.The first is the treatment of the cause. When the elderly suffer from hearing loss, the hearing can be significantly improved. In addition, prevention is also very important.The inner ear is a random body aging and aging, so the prevention of presbycusis should consider starting with anti-aging and actively adopting effective treatment strategies.

Presbycusis is caused by the aging of the auditory organs. It is a kind of neurological deafness. In fact, this type of deafness is not completely cured. There are many factors that cause presbycusis and can be roughly divided into two categories:

One is internal factors, including genetic factors and systemic factors (emotional stress, certain chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, diabetes, liver and kidney dysfunction, etc.).

The other is external factors, such as environmental noise, high-fat diet, smoking and alcoholism, exposure to ototoxic drugs or chemical agents, infections, etc., these factors can trigger or aggravate the occurrence and development of presbycusis.

      Although there is no cure, it is not necessary to leave him alone. Some measures that should be done are still to be done, such as medication, surgery, or wearingHearing aidAlthough these measures cannot be said to have a cure effect, they can be relieved and can relieve the symptoms of presbycusis.

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