Can I swim with tinnitus?What to pay attention to?

* In addition, you can also choose to wear waterproof earplugs for protection. Disposable waterproof earplugs are available in retail pharmacies. If you often swim, you can also go to hearing aid stores to customize professional waterproof earplugs.

* Wipe the external ear canal with a soft tissue or cotton swab, suck out the water in the ear, and act gently to reduce the damage to the ear canal.

* Turn your head sideways into the water while pulling down the earlobe to help the water flow out.

* A few drops of medical alcohol, vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide to the ear can help the water in the ear canal evaporate.

* It is also a simple and feasible method to keep opening the mouth when chewing repeatedly, and the water in the ear will flow out.

* Steam helps the Eustachian tube to open.Bring your face close to a bowl of hot water and make sure to inhale the steam for five to ten minutes.

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