Stay away from smoking and take good care of your children’s ears

Secondhand smoke is the tobacco smoke emitted into the environment during the burning of tobacco, including the smoke exhaled by smokers and the smoke emitted into the air during the burning of tobacco.If children are exposed to this kind of smoke for a long time, the mucus secreted in the middle ear will increase and thicken, and the eustachian tube will be blocked, which will cause fluid accumulation in the middle ear and induce otitis media in children.Over time, perforation, thickening of the tympanic membrane, calcification, adhesion, and invagination will cause hearing loss and finally cause conductive deafness.

Harvard University environmental medicine doctor John McKee has discovered through years of research that cigarette smoke can cause tympanic membrane congestion in children and lead to otitis media. The reason is that harmful substances or allergies in the smoke stimulate the middle ear and cause inflammation.Approximately 100 million children in the United States suffer from otitis media each year, and 80% of them live with smokers.

However, hearing is an important way for people to coordinate with their surroundings.If the child does not have normal hearing, it will hinder the child’s cognition and communication with the world, seriously affecting the child’s healthy growth and even the child’s lifelong happiness.

Parents do

For their own sake, but also for the healthy growth of their children, parents should:

1. Do not smoke in your home or car even when the children are away.

2. Women should not smoke when they are pregnant, and others should not smoke beside pregnant women.

3. Send your child to a smoke-free nursery or kindergarten.

4. Do not take your children to any restaurants and other indoor public places where smoking is allowed.

5. If you smoke yourself, for the health of your child, please consult your doctor on how to quit smoking.

6. Set a good role model for your children: Don’t smoke.

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