Can damaged hearing be restored and improved through methods?

* Hearing rehabilitation must first face one’s ownHearing loss.Many hearing impaired people are unwilling to admit their hearing loss, and they are worried about saying goodbye to young people and entering old age. Young people worry about losing job opportunities. Parents worry about their children being discriminated against. Various reasons lead to prejudice against hearing impaired people, including the hearing impaired. idea.

* Face your own hearing loss is the first step in hearing rehabilitation.Usually when someone says: I didn’t hear you for a long time, right?Most people’s reactions are: it’s the problem of lack of concentration; when buying things, they didn’t hear the price that the salesperson said clearly, which is a problem of chaos; when family reunions, they always interrupted jokes because other people talked too fast. Questions and so on.When there is a communication barrier, we always look for other people’s problems, and few people think of checking their own hearing.This is especially true for children. Children with hearing loss are slow in learning words and have a low vocabulary. Many parents prefer to believe that their children are “spontaneously late” and do not take their children to undergo hearing tests. They are even more reluctant to believe the results. Many children are therefore more unwilling to believe in the results. Lost the chance of recovery.

* We know that all organs of the human body are used to advance and retreat, and so is hearing.The hearing loss of the elderly is usually a natural decline, which is a process of organ aging. It is usually mainly sensorineural hearing loss, which cannot be reversed by medical means and will not return to normal hearing due to medication.But the inability to restore hearing does not mean that the ability to hear has been lost. Modern medicine and audiology have established a path of recovery for hearing impaired patients.First of all, the nature and extent of hearing loss must be determined. Only in the face of hearing loss and recognition of hearing loss, will they take the initiative to go to the hospital for examination and seek help. Hearing examinations can be performed in regular hospitals to rule out symptoms that can accept medical intervention. After irreversible hearing loss, fittingHearing aid.There are two prerequisites for fitting hearing aids, one is to have residual hearing, and the other is to have basic speech recognition ability. Many elderly people can hear but cannot hear clearly, that is, the speech recognition rate is poor.As the speech recognition rate continues to decline, there will be no significant improvement in a short period of time after wearing a hearing aid.

* Of course, hearing aids are auxiliary instruments and cannot replace real organs.Therefore, we must have an objective understanding and positioning of hearing aids, and we must have reasonable expectations.

       It is said that the eyes are the window of the soul, then the ears are the window of induction, let us listen to the wisdom of the world.So we have to protect our ears, develop a good life habit, reduce stress, don’t be too nervous, and be a relaxed person.Hearing impaired should be checked and treated in time, and don’t let us lose our window to the world.

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