Will tinnitus be affected by emotions?

Poor sleep quality and emotional instability can cause tinnitus.If you have tinnitus, you should pay attention to rest, go to bed early and get up early, keep a happy mood, and your tinnitus will naturally get better. This kind of sleep or mood-led tinnitus can be relieved and cured.

Tinnitus does not distinguish between day and night. There is a buzzing sound in the ear or brain or the sound of a machine, or the sound of a cicada in summer, which is constantly resounding in the ear, causing great trouble to the patient.Some patients are depressed, depressed, and in a bad mood because they keep hearing noises. The depressed mood is collectively referred to as negative emotions.Patients with tinnitus may experience negative emotions if they cannot tolerate the condition for a long time.

I once met a young man, a patient in his 30s who was doing a good job at first, but his tinnitus gradually appeared, and the tinnitus caused a lot of trouble to him. He even quit his job to treat the tinnitus, which brought him a lot of trouble. This kind of emotional reaction is called negative emotion.Negative emotions are produced because long-term tinnitus affects the limbic system in the brain. The limbic system has the function of regulating emotions and forms an alternating axis.Tinnitus can cause negative emotions. After negative emotions act on the limbic system, they aggravate the patient’s tinnitus.Therefore, the situation complements each other. The patient has both tinnitus and negative emotions, and the negative emotions aggravate the patient’s tinnitus.

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