Is neurological deafness damage irreversible?

      Neurological deafness is a big concept, and whether it can be cured depends mainly on its type.The longest idiopathic sudden deafness seen in middle-aged people is mostly manifested as a sudden drop in hearing on one side. The more timely the treatment of this neurological deafness, the greater the possibility of recovery.

      For some adolescents and children, attention should be paid to whether the deafness is caused by abnormal inner ear development. The medical treatment of this disease is basically ineffective. If there is no contraindication to the operation of bilateral deafness, it is recommended to perform cochlear implant surgery as soon as possible to promote the development of the language center.Some patients have deafness after taking a certain drug or infection, which may be toxic or infectious deafness. Some patients with mild to moderate deafness can heal themselves with the withdrawal of the drug and the infection is cured, while patients with severe deafness at the beginning have difficulty recovering .

1. Hearing aid therapy: It is a treatment method commonly used by many patients in the past few years, and patients can use itHearing aid, Amplify the external sound, stimulate the auditory nervous system, so as to improve hearing.

2. Surgical treatment: It is also an effective method for the treatment of neurological deafness. Surgical treatment is usually recommended when the condition is serious and there is no obvious response to drug treatment.Because this treatment method causes great pain and heavy economic burden to patients, and the effect is not very satisfactory.

3. Biophysical therapy: This is a common treatment method. When patients are treated with drugs, they can generally use pure Chinese herbal formula, exercise traditional syndrome differentiation, and use targeted treatment, but the effect is almost insignificant.

In summary, there are mainly three types of treatments for neurological deafness, and I believe everyone should already understand them.Neurological deafness is important in early detection and early treatment. Once symptoms of neurological deafness are found in life, please go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time.

It is better for patients with neo-neural deafness in a relatively quiet environment. Although in a quiet atmosphere, they will be more lonely, but you can also distract the patient by playing some soothing music to cultivate the temperament.

For patients with neurological deafness, we must live a regular life and ensure adequate sleep time.Because once insomnia occurs, it will not only cause hearing loss, but may also induce tinnitus, thereby aggravating the condition, so it is important to say that proper rest is still important.

The causes of neurological deafness are relatively complicated, which will have a certain degree of impact on the patient’s psychology. After a long time, it will only affect the disease.Therefore, patients should always be treated with an optimistic attitude as much as possible. Only by making sufficient psychological preparations can they be better treated.

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