Is there any hope of curing deafness for many years?

      Take a hearing test, the hearing report will tell us your exact hearing loss, as long as it is not severeHearing loss, The help of hearing aids can improve your current hearing. Maybe your deafness has not undergone scientific intervention for many years. It is indeed a missed opportunity, because the earlier you wear hearing aids, the better, but as long as you still have residual hearing , Through the compensation of hearing aids, you can get hearing rehabilitation, so as to gradually improve the communication with people.

      It is recommended that you go to the ENT department or professional hearing aid fitting service center of a large hospital for consultation. If the original hearing aid is not satisfied, it is recommended to replace it and choose the one that suits your hearing condition.Hearing aidAt present, the development of hearing aids is quickly suitable for various types of hearing loss, such as frequency shift hearing aids for high-frequency loss.

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