Can tinnitus caused by anger be cured by treatment?

       Because when a person is angry, the body’s blood pressure may rise instantaneously, which may cause ear ischemia, hypoxia, and sudden tinnitus or hearing loss!So don’t lose your temper if you are okay. Being angry will only be harmful to your body, but will not be good!I remember seeing a related report that the toxins produced by the human body can poison an elephant. No matter whether it is said or not, at least anger is definitely harmful to the body!Therefore, it is better not to lose your temper for your health. You have to know that losing your temper will not solve the problem, and you will hurt yourself because of anger!Are you saying that?Isn’t it better to maintain an optimistic and positive attitude?

(6) Acupuncture can be considered to alleviate tinnitus.Sometimes the treatment of Chinese medicine is very effective and can solve many diseases that Western medicine cannot cope with.

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