What causes tinnitus?what to do?

(3) Meniere’s disease of the inner ear, sudden deafness, trauma, noise-induced deafness, presbycusis, etc.

2. Systemic diseases

      Emotional tension can cause tinnitus, and tinnitus can also aggravate emotional tension.Patients with tinnitus are often accompanied by emotions such as tension, anxiety or depression.Tinnitus habit therapy emphasizes relaxation training, the purpose is to relax the patient’s body and mind, therefore, it is also called relaxation therapy.The method is: close your eyes or lie down, control the tension of the nerves and muscles with your mind, start with the relaxation of the scalp, forehead, and facial muscles, and gradually relax the muscles of the upper and lower limbs, chest and even the whole body.

      This is a very critical step, that is, whenever you think of tinnitus, no matter when and where, you can immediately turn your attention to other things, such as listening to music, reading books, reading newspapers, etc., to distract attention from tinnitus. Strength, tinnitus quickly becomes unimportant and not annoying.When tinnitus is caused by Meniere’s disease, acoustic neuroma, otosclerosis, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cervical spondylosis, etc., the primary disease must be treated first.The so-called objective tinnitus caused by middle ear muscle activity or abnormal blood vessel structure and function will disappear soon after the middle ear disease is cured.This therapy should only be considered when the cause of the disease is unknown or the tinnitus remains after the cause is cured.

      The treatment of tinnitus should be based on the treatment of the cause, to eliminate or minimize tinnitus.No matter what kind of tinnitus, once the cause is found and can be effectively treated for it, tinnitus can often be better controlled.In actual life, it is not easy to find the cause of the disease. Although the cause of the disease is found, the solution is really not easy to solve. Therefore, for tinnitus, we try our best to use the strategy of nurturing and avoid the effects of drugs as much as possible.

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