Will moderate hearing loss in children affect intellectual development?

* People with an average hearing loss of 26-40dB have no difficulty in listening to ordinary speech, but they will find it difficult to hear in a meeting where many people have a meeting, and smaller voices are not easy to hear.If the high frequency drops significantly, this situation is more prominent.If infants and young children have this conditionHearing loss, It will affect the development of language and intelligence to varying degrees.

* The average hearing loss is 41~55dB, and it is difficult to discern speech at normal volume.If it occurs in infants and toddlers, it can cause language development delay and affect children’s language learning.

* The average hearing loss is 71~90dB, which can be audible to loud sounds, but cannot distinguish speech sounds, which can lead to language barriers.

       Children with hearing loss must undergo a comprehensive hearing test as soon as possible, and select the hearing aid equipment that suits them through a professional fitter, check as soon as possible, intervene as early as possible, and treat as early as possible.Especially for children under 2 years of age, in the critical period of language learning, they should not leave a lifetime regret because of a momentary negligence.

       Experts pointed out that the treatment and rehabilitation of children’s deafness must be three early: early detection and diagnosis, early fitting of hearing aids, and early hearing and language training.

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