Is hearing loss a very common phenomenon?Why?

      due toHearing lossThe sound volume of normal hearing is no longer sufficient for patients with hearing loss, so they often unconsciously increase the volume of electronic devices such as televisions, computers, radios, etc., until they are notified by family members or complaints from neighbors!

      When shopping for groceries or shopping in the mall, you can’t hear the other person because of your hearing loss, and you often ask the other person to repeat, so that the other person thinks you are deliberately embarrassed? ?When speaking with family members, you need to get close to hear clearly. It seems that the physical relationship is closer, but in fact the hearing is really reduced!

      If you find hearing loss or difficulty listening in a noisy environment, you must arrange a time for a professional hearing test as soon as possible to understand your hearing situation in time, listen to the advice of experts, find out early, and intervene early.

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