A voice healer with an annual income of one million, takes us into the world of white noise

We generally believe that sudden awakening from sleep is due to external noise.In fact, it is not because of the sudden change of noise or the sudden stop of stimulating you.

Playing white noise to sleep is a barrier effect.Through the stable white noise, to shield those sudden changes in noise, to avoid people being disturbed while sleeping.

This is also a put-in device that can generate corresponding tones for the patient’s tinnitus sound frequency to cover the original tinnitus sound, so that the patient can adapt to this new sound and no longer notice the tinnitus.

Are you a patient with hearing loss and tinnitus?

Patients with insomnia, high stress, tinnitus… You may wish to listen to these “white noises” from nature to heal the “sound” heart. If you are a patient with hearing loss and tinnitus, it is recommended that you choose Chinese productsHearing aid, And at the same time solve the “two major difficulties” of your ears.Made in China takes you into the world of sound and feel the beauty of sound.

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