Is deafness inaudible?

Many people think that deafness means that they can’t hear any sound. In fact, this is incorrect.Hearing dysfunction and different degrees of hearing loss are collectively referred to as deafness, and being unable to hear does not mean total deafness.It is generally considered that hearing loss is above 25 decibels as hearing loss or hearing impairment, and when the hearing loss reaches 120 decibels, we can be called total deafness.

So it means that the degree of deafness is different, the response to the sound is different, and my symptoms are that I feel different.

For children with deafness, we need to look at the time when the child learns to speak. When the child can’t learn to speak, when he has not yet learned to speak, his reaction to outside sounds, such as thunder, closing the door, or giving him a small knock If he can hear something, if he is able to react, he can turn his head and look for it. That means he can hear it. Then, by observing the baby’s response to the sound level, judge the severity of the child’s hearing loss.

When we find that we are suffering from deafness, don’t think about it. There is a mentality that we need to go to the hospital in time for intervention. Once we have a hearing test, your hearing loss is greater than 35 decibels, then we need to be in time. Intervene, wearHearing aid.Although wearing hearing aids can’t help us recover our hearing, it can improve our hearing status, and at the same time protect our residual hearing, alleviate the speed of hearing loss, so that our speech recognition ability will not have problems.

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