What are the reasons that affect fetal hearing loss?


Babies have perfect hearing in their mother’s womb before they are born.Pregnant mothers can develop their baby’s character by playing prenatal education music.The baby’s hearing is already very keen after birth, and changes in some external conditions will affect the baby’s hearing.Babies’ hearing problems are often overlooked. Statistics show that the incidence of this disease is between one in XNUMX and two in XNUMX.

What are the reasons that affect fetal hearing loss?

During pregnancy, many expectant mothers will give the fetus music prenatal education, but when the prenatal education method is not correct, such as directly placing a headset and other speakers on the abdomen, or the rhythm and frequency of the prenatal education music are not correct, it may cause the fetus to be deaf.

8. After pregnant women take teratogenic or potentially teratogenic drugs by mistake, they should seek a doctor to consider whether to terminate the pregnancy according to their pregnancy time, dosage and duration of medication, combined with their own age and parity.

Newborn hearing loss is a potential hazard that cannot be ignored. Mothers need to have a correct understanding, pay attention to safe medication and maintain reasonable living habits during pregnancy, and avoid all potential hazards as much as possible, so as to give the baby a Space for healthy development.

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