What causes otitis media?

5. Listening to loud music with headphones for a long time can easily cause chronic otitis media.Secretory otitis media is first treated conservatively, because secretory otitis media is caused by our normal nasal cavity, nasopharynx and middle ear, which is called the Eustachian tube, which is connected. Secretory otitis media is mainly caused by the Eustachian tube. If it is caused by blockage, then the secretory otitis media should first be treated conservatively. The conservative treatment is to administer the nasal cavity, using some nasal spray hormones in the nasal cavity, and use some oral mucus thinning drugs for conservative treatment. In general, Some patients can still recover.If the recovery cannot be achieved through conservative treatment, we usually need to do a tympanic membrane puncture to penetrate the effusion in the tympanum, and at the same time add conservative medication. In this case, if the recovery is not possible, we must use The tympanic membrane is incised and catheterized, and even we now have a kind of eustachian tube balloon expansion to treat patients with secretory otitis media.

The second category is suppurative otitis media. In suppurative otitis media, acute suppurative otitis media is usually taken by the body with antibiotics, and then ofloxacin ear drops in the ears. If the pus is draining, use hydrogen peroxide to clean the pus. Another point of ofloxacin ear drops, the treatment can be restored to normal. If it is chronic suppurative otitis media, we may usually need surgery. The surgery includes simple tympanic membrane repair, and the other requires the basis of tympanoplasty. Above, for the removal of bone and middle ear diseases, then the treatment of middle ear cholesteatoma requires this open, complete radical mastoidectomy, plus tympanoplasty, and artificial ossicular and hearing reconstruction surgery .

Warm reminder: There are many causes of otitis media, so everyone should do a good job of physical prevention and care in daily life. Once an abnormality occurs, you must hurry up to go to a regular hospital for professional examination and treatment to promote the disease. get well soon.

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