Listening is always poor, what’s the matter?

       When using hearing aids, a professional fitter must conduct a comprehensive inspection, and determine which type of hearing aid to choose according to the degree of hearing loss of each personHearing aid, Do not buy by yourself, wear it at will, so as not to damage the residual hearing.

       Thirdly, hearing involves psychoacoustics. After wearing a hearing aid, you will have a little psychological dependence. There will be an illusion that your hearing is not as good as before. In fact, if you take a professional listening test, there is no difference between the front and rear hearing.

       Of course, if you find that your hearing is getting worse recently, you must seek medical attention in time to strive for the best treatment time.When it is confirmed that there is no cure, a professional hearing aid fitting technician should be selected as soon as possible for scientific testing and fitting.Choose the one that suits your hearing needsHearing aid.If you need to match Signia (Siemens) hearing aids or ReSound hearing aids, please refer to the authorized center.

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