From what performance can you tell that the old man’s ears are bad?

The high-frequency hearing of the elderly continues to decline, and if the development continues, the full-frequency du hearing will decrease and cause presbycusis.Severe deafness can cause obstacles for the elderly to communicate with others, making them more and more withdrawn.

Presbycusis is caused by the increase in age or various factors that cause hearing loss.After poor hearing, they will bring a lot of inconveniences in their daily life, such as hearing impairment, communication impairment, and senile dementia. After they have presbycus, they are unwilling to talk about their hardships, and are unwilling to be matched.Hearing aid, Afraid of affecting the work and life of their children, and being unable to hear others will increase the psychological pressure of the elderly, and they will not be willing to interact with others for a long time, and they will even have doubts or suspicions. Hearing aids that can solve presbycusis are also a very good product. It can help them enjoy listening to music, watching TV, listening to the radio, and answering phone calls. At least they can hear “other people’s conversations.” “Is the most important. In order to understand the various sounds in daily life.Let us take care of the health of the elderly and take precautions in advance to make their lives happier in their later years.

To avoid drug poisoning, it is necessary to prevent colds, often colds cause the malfunction of the Eustachian tube, which will cause hearing loss.To avoid exposure to noise as much as possible, especially long-term high-volume noise stimulation, it is crucial.Live a regular life, don’t suffer from long-term lack of sleep, excessive mental stress, and unstable mood swings, all of which can cause hearing loss.Many chronic diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, etc., can also cause hearing loss. We must actively prevent them.

Hearing experts specially reminded: After discovering that the elderly have hearing loss, they should go to the hearing aid fitting center as soon as possible to test their hearing for the elderly and select them.Hearing aid, To give the elderly with hearing loss a vivid and colorful life in their old age! Fitting and wearing appropriate hearing aids is a realistic way to solve the problem of hearing loss so far.

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