My child has poor hearing, can I go to school normally?

       However, maybe the child’s study requires the parents to bother more. To tell the truth, since I can remember the kindergarten and elementary school, my mother is bothering to teach. According to my mother, I learned poetry when I was a child. (Taught by my mother), later my mother in junior high school couldn’t teach, so she relied on self-study. In high school, I chose seats based on grades. I always chose the first row, and I could barely listen to it. Later in university, I am currently studying in graduate school.

       It depends on the level of hearing loss. If the child cannot communicate normally, it is unlikely that the child will go to school.It is recommended to go to a professional fitting center firstHearing aid, Parents then take their children to a professional language training school. Once the children can communicate normally, they can go to school normally.Children’s hearing follows the three-early principle: early detection, early diagnosis, and early intervention.It is possible for deaf children to return to mainstream society.

2. For deafness caused by hair cell damage that occurs for a short time, the purpose of partial or full recovery of hearing can be achieved through drug treatment; but for congenital and long-term hearing loss, the sensitivity is fixed for more than 3 months For deafness, there is currently no clinical method to regenerate hair cells, that is to say, it is impossible to restore hearing through medical treatment, and rehabilitation can only be done through hearing aids or cochlear implants.

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