How does earwax form?Does not cleaning for a long time affect my hearing?

When the cerumen compresses the tympanic membrane, it can cause tinnitus, dizziness, and hearing loss. If it compresses the skin of the back wall of the external auditory canal, it can cause reflex cough due to irritation of the vagus nerve ear branch.

      Secondly, the subcutaneous tissue in the ear is relatively poor, and the blood circulation is not as fast as the skin on the body. Earwax is actually the secretion in the ear canal, which has a certain protective effect on the skin of the external ear canal. Cause ear pain, affect mouth opening and chewing, severe cases can cause hearing loss.

      If you accidentally pierce the eardrum with your ear, it will cause hearing loss.Therefore, it is best to use kapok sticks to avoid stab wounds.Experts advise: It is best not to form the habit of digging out your ears, usually once every half a month.However, people with a lot of dust or “oily ears” can appropriately shorten the cycle according to their own conditions.

      In addition, it is best to use a cotton swab to remove the ear, and it is disinfected. Turn it gently in the external auditory canal. Don’t use too much force to avoid damage to the ear canal.If you don’t dig out your ears for a long time, you may form a cerumen embolism, so you should ask a doctor to help you clean it up.

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