Causes of tinnitus

tinnitus The triggering factors are mainly the following aspects:

1) Spontaneous factors

The incidence of tinnitus is 15%-20%, and many of them have whistle-like tinnitus occasionally, and other causes cannot be found.

2) Noise

Excessive noise or long-term excessive noise may cause tinnitus orHearing loss, It has an obvious relationship with individual susceptibility.

3) Ototoxic drugs

There are two types of tinnitus caused by ototoxic drugs, namely, without hearing loss and with hearing loss.The former interferes with the normal activities of nerves by influencing the metabolic process of neurotransmitters; the latter mainly acts on hair cells and affects the transmission of their ion channels, thereby causing the hair cells to lose their function.

4) Physical illness

Outer and middle ear diseases, inner ear diseases, central disease, some infectious diseases and systemic diseases.

5) Other

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