Do bad temper and stress affect deafness?

       There are many causes of sudden deafness, so it is often difficult to determine the cause in a short period of time.The main causes of sudden deafness in children are viral infections and genetic diseases.In remote and poor areas, the use of ototoxic drugs is also a common cause of sudden deafness.Because children do not know how to express, children’s sudden deafness is most easily overlooked. Parents should pay more attention to their children’s sensitivity to sounds, and if abnormalities are found, they should go to the hospital in time.

       Therefore, the doctor emphasized that if dizziness or tinnitus occurs suddenly, you must pay attention to whether there is hearing loss.Be sure to go to the hospital for an examination as soon as possible. The time to treat sudden deafness is very limited and precious, so patients should not ignore it.

       Ensure a good state of mind and a stable life state, and learn to relax and decompress reasonably.Generally, in certain emergencies, such as the stock market crash, the number of sudden deaf patients will also increase, which is caused by people’s insufficient psychological tolerance.Emotional stability, avoid anger and ecstasy, because these can make the body’s neurohumoral regulation lose balance, cause blood circulation in the ears, and cause deafness.Finally, I would like to remind everyone: If you want to hear well, you have to have a good temper.

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