How to prevent children from suffering from deafness?

In the auditory system, the sound transmission, sensory sound, and auditory nerves and central centers of all levels in the auditory system are diseased, causing auditory dysfunction and varying degrees of hearing loss, collectively referred to as deafness.The main causes of deafness are ototoxic drugs, viral infections, infectious diseases, familial genetic diseases, etc. These factors can lead to damage, degeneration, and death of cochlear hair cells, thereby causing permanent hearing loss.

How to prevent children from suffering from deafness?

Aminoglycoside drugs (streptomycin, kanamycin, gentamicin), salicylic acid, antitumor, alcohol, etc. may causeHearing loss, Especially children and pregnant women should avoid it.Although most hospitals prohibit the use of these drugs, they may still exist in areas with underdeveloped sanitary conditions, so parents should also pay attention.

Early manifestations of hearing loss or hearing impairment in infants and young children can be distinguished from the following signs: no response to sudden loud noises; not looking for sound sources; not looking at people in speech, etc.The hearing impairment of school-age children is manifested in the frequent repetition of speech, slow learning of new things, and so on.

But be aware that most hearing loss in children can be prevented.We must let the child develop good ear habits, take the correct way of blowing his nose, do not let the child lie down immediately after feeding, maintain oral hygiene, prevent colds, and so on.

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