Does my poor hearing affect my speech?

This depends on when his hearing loss occurred. If a child cannot hear the sound, it will definitely affect his speech function. How can he learn to speak if he cannot hear the sound?If hearing loss in adulthood generally does not affect the speaking function, but if it is not heard for a long time, it will affect its hearing function, even if it is equipped with a hearing aid, the effect is not ideal!

For children who have poor hearing and fail to intervene in time to wear hearing aids or cochlear implants, they will not only affect their language development and daily communication, personality, and psychological aspects, but also adults who are deaf due to lack of timely intervention. Ren Zhi’s hearing loss causes the lack of sound stimulation in the brain center, which affects the later language of the case.Therefore, hearing problems are discovered: early detection, early intervention, and early recovery.It will not affect the speech.

Through the comprehensive evaluation and rehabilitation of hearing-impaired children, it is shown that language ability is an important aspect. The lack of language ability of deaf children affects the overall development of children, such as intellectual development, personality development, cognitive development and other aspects.

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