Musician Beethoven and Deafness

On December 1770, 12, Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn, a small city on the Rhine.

Beethoven is a typical child prodigy musician.At the age of twelve, he was compared to Mozart, the musical prodigy of the same name.

But the rude and stupid father, unpleasant appearance, all this constituted Beethoven’s unhappy childhood, and formed his rebellious character and strong style in the future.

When Beethoven loves music very much and is ready to devote himself to the music wave, the god of fate made a big joke to him.

In 1796, Beethoven found that his hearing had fallen sharply. For a vigorous and confident pianist and musician, the decline of his hearing was no less than the end of the world.But Beethoven fought stubbornly and said the famous saying that has been handed down through the ages:

I want to hold the throat of fate, he can’t make me succumb.

He began to be deaf at the age of twenty-six, and was completely deaf in his later years. He could only talk with people through the talk book, but his lonely life did not silence him and retreat. In the era of feudal restoration when all progressive ideas were forbidden, he still insisted on “freedom , Equality” political belief.He wrote many immortal masterpieces throughout his life, and he is honored as “Le Sheng”.

Beethoven’s friends and patrons may be scattered or passed away. Real economic difficulties are coming instantly. There is no fixed income, no audience, no manuscripts…no basic economic security.

He once wrote: “I’m almost at the point of begging, and I have to pretend that my daily life is not difficult.” At the same time, his ears are completely deaf, so that he can’t even play the piano and conduct that he loves. Not give up.

It is unimaginable that the last seven of his world-famous nine symphonies were completed in a pathological state of total loss of hearing.The most famous symphonies include “Hero”, “Destiny”, “Pastoral”, “Chorus” and so on.

On May 1824, 5, Beethoven’s “Ninth Symphony” was performed for the first time in Vienna. This is the most brilliant work of Beethoven’s entire career, and it is still conducted by him himself.At the end of the performance, the audience’s applause and cheers echoed over the theater for a long time.

The French modern writer Romain Roland commented this way: an unfortunate person, poor, disabled, lonely, a person caused by pain, the world does not give him joy, but he created joy to give the world!He used his suffering to forge joy.

The famous Chinese translator Fu Lei said: Deafness is the death of a part of the world for ordinary people, and the death of the whole world for musicians.The whole world is dead but Beethoven never died!And he also recreated the dead world, rebuilt the kingdom of sound, not only for himself, but also for mankind.Such a super-birth and creative force can only be compared with the nameless primitive force in nature.

Author: Wu from China

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