Precautions during the pure tone test

Pure tone audiometry is a standardized subjective behavioral response audiometry to test hearing acuity, which includes air conduction hearing threshold and bone conduction hearing threshold testing.For this reason, the following items should be paid attention to during the test:

1. The right and left ears of the headset are worn correctly: left blue and right red

2. 测试顺序为:1K2K4K8K1K.5K.25K

3. Hair accessories, eyes and other items need to be removed before wearing the earphones, and avoid overwhelming the auricle when wearing the earphones.

4. The difference between the measured thresholds of two adjacent test frequencies is more than 20 decibels, and the middle frequency band needs to be measured.

5. Binaural hearing The difference is very large, and the difference between the air conduction threshold of the test ear (bad ear) and the bone conduction threshold of the non-test ear (good ear) is more than 40, which requires masking.Prevent eavesdropping by non-test ears.

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