Will the long-term noise environment affect hearing?

There will be damage!And both physically and psychologically!Working in a noisy environment for a long time not only affects physical and mental health, but also affects social harmony. The most serious impact is actually our hearing system.If the sound is not very loud, it will mainly cause psychological depression, difficulty concentrating, and easily irritable; if the sound is loud, it will directly damage hearing, cause irreversible damage, and become a true “descendant”.

Long-term exposure to a noisy environment will definitely affect your hearing. Usually, people with a history of noise and tinnitus will have a sharp drop in the hearing test curve at 3000HZ and 6000HZ, forming a “V”-shaped remember.Avoid noisy environments during life and work, and wear anti-noise earplugs when necessary to protect your hearing.

Noise has a great impact on people’s sleep. Even in sleep, people’s hearing has to be stimulated by noise.Noise can cause dreams, awakening easily, and decreased sleep quality. Sudden noise has a more prominent effect on sleep.Noise can interfere with people’s conversation, work and study.Experiments show that when a person is disturbed by a sudden noise, they lose 4 seconds of concentration.According to statistics, noise will reduce labor productivity by 10-50%. As noise increases, the error rate increases.

低频噪声为都市最重要的危害之一。是指频率在500赫兹以下的声音,即在一秒内震动20到500次所发出无规律的声音称之为低频噪声。1980年丹麦国际会议时定义1~100Hz声音叫做低频噪声(Low Frequency Noise),1/3音阶中心频率为2~63Hz。中国住宅小区的低频噪声源主要有5大类:电梯、变压器、高楼中的水泵、中央空调及交通噪声等。低频噪声对生理的直接影响没有高频噪音那么明显,但会对人体健康产生长远损害。

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