Among the common drugs, which drugs can make people deaf?

Drug-induced deafness refers to the deafness caused by the use of certain drugs to treat diseases or the body’s exposure to certain chemical agents, which is often irreversible damage.Symptoms generally manifest as hearing loss 1-2 weeks after the drug is used. For infants and young children, the early symptoms of deafness are difficult to recognize because they are not expressed.

Drug-induced deafness is hereditary. If there is a medical history of a drug-induced deafness in the family, it is recommended to take the child to the hospital for deafness genetic testing.Carrying the drug-induced deafness gene does not directly cause deafness, but this gene is very sensitive to aminoglycoside antibiotics, and once the drug is used, it will cause irreversible damage

If the child’s elders are deaf due to certain drugs, the child should also avoid the use of such drugs; if the condition is special, these drugs must be used, and the drugs should be administered under close monitoring to reduce hearing damage as much as possible; For signs of drug-induced deafness, seek medical treatment in time.

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