What is the harm of poor hearing?

It is well known that poor hearing brings difficulties to our work, life and communication:

4. After a long time of poor hearing, the content of sound information input to the brain decreases, and the brain’s ability to distinguish sound information decreases, which is further aggravatedHearing loss, It is often manifested as fast speech, the brain has no time to distinguish and process the sound information, can hear the sound, and cannot understand the meaning.This will result in friends with hearing loss who are unwilling to communicate with others and will hear less, which will lead to loneliness, depression or irritability. Some elderly people will also become poorer in memory or susceptible to old age. Dementia seriously leads to a decline in the quality of life.

Pay attention to the hearing of yourself and your family members. If hearing impairment occurs, you must go to the hospital for examination, diagnosis and treatment. If it cannot be resolved by surgery, you must wear it as soon as possible.Hearing aid, To help you solve the problem of hearing sounds, it is important to eliminate the emotional and psychological shadows caused by hearing loss, rebuild your self-confidence, and give you a better life, and let you hear the sound of nature again Beautiful voice.

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