How should a seven-month-old child test his hearing?

      Back-sounding method: You can call your baby’s name behind your baby’s back to see if the baby will look back after hearing the call.If the baby just doesn’t hear the same thing and ignores you, you can change to another voice. If the baby’s response is still the same, you have to worry about the baby’s hearing development.

      A 7-month-old baby can’t speak yet. We can observe the baby’s reaction through clapping hands, music, bells and other sounds. If you can’t give a response in time, we must pay attention to it.Newborns will now have hearing screening, re-exposure, etc. If hearing-impaired children are found to haveHearing loss, To intervene and wear as soon as possibleHearing aid, You must go to a professional children’s speech and listening center for inspection before selectingHearing aid, The later period should cooperate with the language training, and the parents should also cooperate with the language training teacher at home to help with pronunciation at home.The earlier the child speaks, the better the effect will be.
Newborn to 3 months old baby: When the baby is asleep, ring a bell or a bowl next to him. Light sleep can be lighter, while deep sleep should be rang a little. See if the baby blinks, his legs or arms shake or Awakened.

      If parents are still not sure whether their children’s hearing is normal after repeated careful observation, they should go to a regular hospital for further examination and diagnosis.

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