How can we tell if the elderly have hearing loss?

Once the diagnosis is clear, timely, standardized, and systematic treatment should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor according to the condition.After treatment, if the hearing is still difficult to recover, it needs to be selected under the guidance of professionalsHearing aid, And carry out early language training to minimize the impact of hearing impairment.

For elderly deaf patients, if the appropriateHearing aid, Assisted with special listening and speech training, has an active and effective role.Generally speaking, hearing aids are effective for deaf patients who are moderately to moderately severely deaf and have a good speech recognition rate.The elderly with hearing loss and early wearing hearing aids can increase the daily communication ability, self-confidence and social activities of the elderly.

Many elderly deaf patients have symptoms of hearing loss. If they are not treated in time, they cannot get effective hearing compensation. This will have a serious impact on physical and mental health in the long run.Because they are always inaudible, unable to understand what others are saying, and always interrupted when communicating, the elderly will be afraid of being laughed at and causing trouble to others, and will gradually become unwilling to communicate with others, closing themselves up, becoming lonely, or It is to become anxious, irritable, like to lose temper, and prone to disharmony and conflict with family members.The rate of hearing-impaired elderly people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease is significantly higher than that of normal-hearing elderly people.So you need to wear a hearing aid.

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