Children and the elderly: What you need to know about ear protection

child:Do not wear headphones to listen to music to avoid noise pollution.

The development of infant auditory organs is not perfect, too much sound stimulation will lose the immature auditory organs.High-decibel fast-paced music such as disco and rock music can cause Neel’s tiny blood vessels to spasm, reduce blood supply, and cause hearing loss and even noiseHearing loss.Children should be brought to entertainment places such as dance halls as little as possible, and the sound volume in home theaters should also be properly controlled.Some children like to imitate adults to wear headphones to listen to the radio. This can easily lead to hearing loss and should be stopped if discovered.

Avoid accidental injury: Do not let babies put small items such as beans, beads, etc. into the ears to avoid damage to the mucous membrane of the external auditory canal and infection.Children like to slap and make fun, accidentally bumping the road, it will cause infection, which will cause hearing loss.If the head is traumatized, it can easily spread to the inner ear and cause serious rupture of the drum.Some parents like to use hair clips or ear hooks to pick their children’s ears, which can easily cause perforation of the tympanic membrane and cause hearing loss.
Old man:Avoid heavy drinking and smoking.According to relevant statistics, the hearing impaired of the elderly in my country accounts for about XNUMX% of the elderly population.Although human hearing loss is a natural law, in addition to physiological decline, the occurrence of hearing loss in the elderly includes prolonged noise stimulation, heavy drinking, smoking, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, and repeated use of ototoxic drugs. And other factors.If in daily life, pay attention to actively prevent the above-mentioned related factors, and cooperate with hearing function training, you can delay the development of elderly hearing loss.
Hearing loss and vertigo are the most common problems of human aging.In fact, hearing loss is not terrible. If you manage three meals a day, you can still achieve better prevention and treatment effects.According to research, the occurrence of hearing loss is related to the lack of some trace elements.In particular, iron deficiency tends to harden red blood cells, reduce the ability to transport oxygen, and lack of nutrition in the ears, but the function of auditory cells is impaired, leading to hearing loss.Therefore, iron supplementation is the first element to prevent deafness and tinnitus.Laver is the most iron in daily food, 46.8 mg iron per 2 grams. Experts suggest that drinking laver soup 3 to XNUMX times a week can ensure the iron content of the human body.It is better if you add an egg to the soup, because the egg is good for the absorption of iron.Foods that contain more iron include shrimp skins, jellyfish skins, black sesame seeds, day lilies, and so on.

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