What is the feeling of tinnitus?

      Tinnitus is a common symptom, and many people experience tinnitus.Some tinnitus symptoms are very mild or very short-lived, and are often ignored; some tinnitus often disturbs people’s rest and affects rest and work efficiency, and becomes a symptom.Watch out for waterlogging in a very quiet environment. Almost everyone has tinnitus.For example, when a person has no steps in a secluded mountain forest, he often feels hairy bones due to tinnitus.

      Before hearing loss, the most common first symptom is tinnitus.Tinnitus is a signal that reminds us to pay attention. If you take ototoxic drugs, you must be very careful. At this time, you need to do some hearing tests, that is, labial audiometry and otoacoustic emission.The second symptom is hearing loss, and the third is dizziness.If these symptoms appear, they may be a sign of other diseases. If it is persistent tinnitus or significant hearing loss, it is time to see a doctor.When long-term tinnitus and hearing loss will gradually evolve into tinnitus, the pain will accompany you for a lifetime!

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