What should I do if a child has acute otitis media?

      Take off more clothes and cover fewer quilts.Use a sponge dipped in warm water to rub your body to cool down.Lowering heat is especially important for infants and children.You can also take a small amount of antipyretic analgesics under the guidance of a doctor to reduce discomfort and reduce fever.Even if the body temperature is lowered, the child is still crying or the baby’s fontanelle protrudes or sinks significantly when not crying, so go to the hospital in time.Under the guidance of a doctor, give patients antibiotics.

2. Allow the child to have sufficient peace and rest. When sleeping, raise the head and neck as much as possible to reduce its congestion and swelling, so as to prevent the inflammation of the Euclidean tube and the middle ear from worsening and the pain.

      Children’s Eustachian tube is short, wide, straight, and horizontal. In addition, the child’s own resistance is poor, and it is very likely to suffer from upper respiratory tract infections resulting in increased nasal secretions or spitting up milk, coughing or blowing the nose. Mucosal congestion and swelling, ciliary dyskinesia, bacteria can easily reach the middle ear, causing acute otitis media; swimming in unclean water, diving, improper nasal irrigation and other pathogenic bacteria will also invade the middle ear through the Eustachian tube, and then cause Acute otitis media.

      Children are susceptible to acute otitis media due to physiological reasons and poor resistance.Many people want to know what to do with children with acute otitis media, which must be treated immediately in the hospital.The doctor will choose the treatment method according to the child’s condition.In addition, parents should do a good job of daily care during the treatment of their children.

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