Regular hearing tests pay attention to elderly hearing

As our country begins to enter an aging society, the lack of hearing will not only reduce the quality of life of the elderly, but also may lead to more serious mental health problems.This is mainly because when people reach old age, the major organs of the body begin to decline, and their hearing will go from bad to worse, even causing sensorineural deafness, which is called presbycusis.

Some problems caused by hearing problems in the elderly:

1. Watching TV and listening to the radio at low volume and unintelligible, while the volume is too loud, it is easy to cause conflicts in the neighborhood.

2. It is very laborious when talking with people, often not able to hear or even hear, and the club answers the questions that are not what they are asked. Even in order to avoid the embarrassment of communicating with others, they may slowly isolate themselves, and their tempers are also irritable and easy to get angry.

3. Can’t hear the knock on the door, I don’t know if there are guests.

5. The sound of cars cannot be heard on the street. In serious cases, it is easy to cause traffic accidents.

Therefore, children should not only pay attention to the health of the elderly, but also always pay attention to the health of the elderly. hearing condition.If you find that the elderly have hearing problems, try to give them Hearing aid , But the best thing is to protect your ears and prevent deafness. 

So how to prevent it?

1. Regularly take parents to check their ears. The purpose is to find out their own hearing conditions in time through hearing tests, to intervene in the specific causes of hearing problems in the elderly, to prevent and alleviate presbycusis; to detect some systemic diseases that have not yet had obvious symptoms in time (Such as central neuropathy) and so on.

2. In terms of life, children must first pay attention to their parents’ dietary hygiene, reduce fatty foods, and quit smoking and alcohol.

3. Actively treat corresponding system diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

4. The most important thing is to avoid exposure to noise and avoid the application of ototoxic drugs (such as antibiotics and anti-tumor drugs, etc.).

5. Let the elderly avoid mental stress, maintain a calm and comfortable state of mind, and engage in appropriate physical activities.

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