Take good care of ears and delay ear aging

Ear care has always received little attention, and age-related hearing loss is also a pain that many elderly people have to bear.Here, the editor reminds you: often doing 2 actions for ear health can delay ear aging.




According to the data, the appearance of human ears resembles that of a fetus lying in the abdomen of the mother. Therefore, appropriate and timely pinching of the earlobes can achieve anti-aging and beauty effects.The method is to use your thumb and index finger to gently and rhythmically squeeze the middle area of ​​the earlobe, 2 to 3 times a day, for 1 minute each time, persevering in doing it, which can whiten the face and increase the binocular look.In addition, using the tip of your little finger to press the concha cavity area to stimulate or regulate the body’s gonadal hormones to keep them at a relatively normal level, which is more conducive to anti-aging and anti-aging effects, giving a beautiful and healthy appearance.

Ear health function

① Pull up the left ear with your left hand, and pull the right ear with your right hand, counting ten times each, or pull the opposite ear with your hands crossed, which can make the ear qi and blood flow unblocked.

② Cover both ears with both palms and tap the head 24 times with your fingers to hear the rumbling sound in the ears.This method is also called “hit the drum”.

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