What are the small ways in life for people with hearing impairment?

Hearing impairedWhat are the small methods in human life?

      Doing some preventive work can effectively delay the speed of hearing loss.

If you want to enter the old age and still maintain your ears and eyes, you must first have a healthy body and mind, create a good living environment, and face everything with a happy mood every day.A cheerful mind and less temper is a good recipe.

XNUMX. Communicate more with people, use more brains, and more hands can delay aging and prevent presbycusis.

      William Clark, an expert at the St. Louis Deaf Research Center, pointed out: In the United States, about 5% of people’s hearing loss is not entirely caused by aging, but caused by damage to the ears during a lifetime.In this regard, people should take practical measures to protect their ears in time, such as wearing earplugs, using their hands to protect their ears when encountering loud noises such as setting off firecrackers, or staying away from noisy residential areas.Suffering from deafness and tinnitus should go to a professional regular hospital for examination and treatment in time.

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