How much do you know about tinnitus?

You know about tinnitushow much?

      Tinnitus refers to the subjective sensation of sound produced in the ear or on the head when there is no sound source in the outside world.Tinnitus sounds are diverse, such as buzzing, hissing, electric current, cicadas, telephone ringing, and so on.It can be unilateral tinnitus, bilateral tinnitus or cranionitus.Tinnitus can be continuous, intermittent or pulsatile.According to whether there is a sound source, it can be divided into subjective tinnitus and objective tinnitus.Objectivity refers to the true sound of internal biological origin, which is transmitted to the ear through the body’s own tissues.Sources include: vascular pulsation, pulse sound, middle ear muscle spasm, eustachian tube or soft palate movement sound, the examiner puts a stethoscope to the ear and sometimes can hear tinnitus, also known as heterosensory tinnitus.On the contrary, subjective tinnitus is an illusion of auditory perception. Objective sounds cannot be recognized. Only the patient can hear tinnitus. This type of tinnitus is the most common.The tinnitus mentioned in this article mainly refers to subjective tinnitus.

③To have a correct understanding of tinnitus, tinnitus is a kind of well-intentioned reminder of the body, and it is not necessary to eliminate the sound of tinnitus, eliminate the patient’s fear of tinnitus, and establish a correct perception of tinnitus.


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